Winning Eleven 2013 APK Download for Android Apk

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If you are a committed fan of football, then most probably, you would be familiar with the Winning Eleven series or Winning Eleven 2012. As for it is the only game that fulfils the expectations of soccer lovers.

Thankfully, improved technology has made it more fascinating & satisfying. For this reason, Winning Eleven 2013 is under our examination in this post. To make it comprehend & uncomplicated, we have jotted down various facts about it. Doubtlessly, you will know all the actualities at the end.

In all honesty, it is the purification of WE 2012. Even the main idea, content, and story is identical to the previous versions. Only a few stuff was added to it so as to update it. I think you can check it now as it’s not available on the Play Store. While if you are keen to open all the nuts & bolts, the following paragraphs are helpful.

They launched the initial version of Winning Eleven 2013 in the second half of 2012. And, it completed all the updates & modifications till the start of next year. Luckily, it could get a warm welcome from the critics & fans. Solely in Japan, the gamers bought almost 4 lac copies that year. It is as the experts, like GameRankings, The Guardian, and others, gave it 4 stars, 9 out of 10, and more than 80% likeness.

Hence, we conclude that WE or PES came with full preparation to face the competitors & pundits. Several FIFA fans shifted towards WE 13 after getting impressed by its popularity. For European players, its cover photo shows Cristiano Ronaldo once again, while the Japanese version owns Shinji Kagawa.

Features of Winning Eleven 2013

Although it has all the attributes of the last file, the new stuff is more important. Try to understand the following bullets to get a brief overview.

  • It has all the 20 teams of the Brazilian National League, Campeonato Brasileiro Series A. You bet, now the type & number of football teams is dashing & trending.
  • The total number of soccer teams, both national & International, are more than 200. Also, the tally of world footballers is in hundreds. Not only the mediocre players, but the top class is also there, as clear from the cover photos.
  • Football Leagues, Clubs, Cups, & Tournaments of UEFA, Konami, and others are enjoyable at no expenditure.
  • Owing to the modern AI, the goalkeepers & other players show quick, thoughtful, and accurate moves. Thus, its quality is much better.
  • You can play football matches without any interruption. Single Player, Multiplayer, Online, Offline; a variety of modes make it more acceptable.
  • Good graphics & animations are the first identification of this series. That’s is why they also worked on it.
  • More importantly, you don’t have to invest any asset to get its pleasures. Instead, it’s free for all.
  • The positive reviews from the users of Winning Eleven 2013 demonstrate it is simple, entertaining, & uncomplicated too.


If you are burning with curiosity, then install it on your Android device. It is compatible even with low-end smartphones, and thus it supports a big community. Critically, the positive qualities of Winning Eleven 2013 surpass its shortcomings as a whole. Hence, it is a golden opportunity for soccer maniacs from the virtual world.