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The Description of Mountain Beast Yeti Apes Survival

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The battle is between the dangerous monster apes and the ruthless evil humans in winter articles where you expertise and building your fortune in a huge open winter jungle game. In this survival game “Mountain Beast Yeti Apes Survival” you are playing on a evil yeti Apes Side. Crazy Apes take you on action pack against mission forces against armed forces. Sneak in the gloomy forest zone. Move as unseen as a flicker Combat like a ninja, search for weapons to kill the rival. Craft your own destiny escape like a real commando Hero. Government officials sent forces to attack apes who live on this jungle planet. Play as an angry ape to fight the battle with the human forces and become the savior of your specie. So be a great hero of snowy yeti apes and collect all weapons As a mountain beast yeti apes gangster kill all enemies. Sneak in the dark forest area, like ninja stealth mood. Play the most challenging survival missions as an angry ape hero fighter, Use your fighting skills with aggressive co Crazy Apes take you on action ban discipline mission against human’s troops. As a gangster kill all the enemy troops with your strong gorilla attack. Play for the survival of the apes in Evergreen hills .. Kill the police officers Stear their weapons find your way through forest. As a Heroes survival Apes find cave & hunt down animals for food cutting trees build shelter and kill the armed forces that may attack you. You are untraceable in the gorgeous jungle environment. Your surprise attack is furious And fatal for the sniper shooters. Assassinate enemy in the shelters, rooftop and camp, snatch their weapons hunt before you get hunted. Join the ultimate survival battle between humans and apes. With your fatal strike and strength you can kill all enemy soldiers without any Hassle in this mountain beast yeti apes survival game.

Story of Mountain Beast Yeti Apes Survival: In the year 2000, the Anchorage City of Alaska was being expanded by the government. The city now was covering many areas that was once a dense forest in early 1900s. The construction company was working day and night To cut down the trees in snowy jungle to expand the area. Unfortunately the night came when it was full moon Night of the exactly 100th year. History repeated itself & the myth became a truth. The curse of mountain beast Yeti Ape was on the people Of Anchorage Town who will kill everyone in its way .An ultimate survival adventure in cave! Search for weapons to kill the enemy. Craft your own destiny escape like a real commando hero. Control a strong evil apes defending its territory from humans. Sneak up On enemy soldiers and kill them with your strong hits. In this evil Apes Revenge you have to control a huge gorilla male, who is infuriated by the fact that there humans occupied our territory. Penetrate the military camp, v Ill are, where other places places soldiers settled to destroy them all. Be careful, the soldiers are well-armed. So you need to use a variety of shelters, guide your hero along rooftops, etc. Attack enemies from behind. As a mastermind attack Your deity to take revenge of the blood of your fellow apes. Give it a hard time. Bang the rivals and thrash into enemy. Have a safe escape! Go for your freedom and save the entire race in mountains. Run for your life, fight The brutal creations in a forest & mountains.

Features Of Mountain Beast Yeti Apes Survival:

• Cause Chaos & Destruction in the Town

• eye-catching & High Quality 3D Graphics

• Use Melee Weapons & Jump Attacks

• Fight Against the Police Force

• Steal food from the Supermarket

• Thrilling and challenging Missions

• Amazing 3D Jungle Environment

• Smooth and intuitive controls

• Horse Riding & Fighting

• Interesting Game Play

  • Version:1.6
  • Publish Date:
    Oct 24, 2017
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    95.2 MB
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