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The Description of MORINORI:Rynan-Defense

Enjoy the pleasure of the smart! Let me introduce Morinori

1. Game Story

Fantasy World Morinori

The once peaceful and prosperous world of gods suffered as the gods were intoxicated by power and began tyranny.

For about 20 years, people obeyed from fear, lost hopes, and dreamed of the liberation. And then one day,

A woman named “Terr” fell from another dimension with strong light. She held her sword and demanded liberation starting the war against the gods.

Morinori! A pretty girl’s defense against the gods!

It’s enough for the defense game you stand and defend only! Let’s attack~

New history of defense game now starts.

2. Game Features

You can select 4 kinds of difficulty.

There are 4 maps, and each map has 20 stages; all the 80 stages are cleared, the Ground of Infinity gets open.

① Hero based battle

You directly control the heroine and use skills.

② Easy and simple control

Touch and drag to move the heroine.

③ Fun to raise

Mercenaries and the heroine have diverse growing strategy and skill combination.

④ Various characters

8 characters with various attack pattern.

It’s finally released! Morinori-Rynan Episode

Thanks to the support of our fans of the previous game Morinori, we released the sequel Morinori-Rynan Episode.

1. Game Story

Mechanical race Rynan approached to people of Twan in Morinori world with friendly manners and encroached on the society slowly.

At last they revealed their ambition and assassinated the queen of Twan.

Now the ‘Planet Absorption Plan’ with which Rynans destroy the Twan planet itself and absorb its resources launches…

Mysterious girl Ciel was selected as the ‘Planet Manager’, the executor of the Planet Absorption Plan.

Why does a human girl follow mechanical race Rynan’s order?

And who is the strange girl leading the Twan Liberation Army against Rynans?

The reason for the endless battles is now revealed through Morinori-Rynan Episode.

2. Game Play

4 kinds of difficulty and 100 stages

Diverse weapons and armors.

Contains the Rynan scenario that discovers the truth of the Morinori world.

Rynan’s Twan conquest starts from the last stage of the previous episode.

Use Rynan’s 8 units that were your enemies to conquer the Twan Liberation Army.

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    Apr 26, 2015
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