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The Description of Mobi Battery Saver

For all who care about their Android devices and hate it when the battery is discharged at an inconvenient moment we have created the new Mobi Battery Saver! The purpose of this battery doctor for tablets or phones is to optimize your work and ensure your battery health check constantly. Do you want to make your battery charger work more effectively? You are welcome!

Mobi Battery Saver app is not only a battery widget with an impeccable design that serves to show your battery percentage, but also an indispensable battery booster for Android with an advanced functionality.

Here are main features of this great battery app:

◕ Perfect battery calibration allows you to be aware of the correct battery level along with the battery meter estimating and displaying its charge status and time remaining.

◕ Battery indicator will provide you with all necessary information: battery voltage, percentage display, and battery time left for usage.

◕ This battery optimizer for android can help reduce your battery power consumption and extend your battery life. Moreover, it works as a power saver and a charger booster to increase the speed of charging and to prolong its lifespan.

◕ Includes a battery cooler working as a battery life extender and a repair app at the same time. In what way? It has a battery temperature monitor to indicate and prevent an overheating of your device, so you can always see the actual temperature of your device and cool it down when necessary.

◕ The battery usage analyzer is meant for improving your battery health by giving all battery info about most consuming apps on your Android. You can manage them easily with this battery tester and then stop background apps you don’t need. The battery consumption diagram will display all processes wasting resources and impairing the performance of your device.

◕ The powerful task killer for android is designed to detect for unwanted running apps on your device and can kill them manually in order to reduce your battery use for unnecessary processes. The ignore list option permits you to select apps that must be always active.

◕ The battery notifier includes the battery percentage in status bar as a battery icon to warn you about a poor charge.

◕ User-friendly interface of this battery extender for Android makes it easy for everyone to use the battery monitor widget.

◕ Quick access toolbar is an easy way to all settings of the device. There you can turn on or turn off wi-fi, screen brightness, bluetooth etc.

◕ There are 2 switching modes of the setting profiles to control the power consumption of your battery and its draining speed.

Among all other battery widgets for Android Mobi Battery Saver has lots of advantages such as the battery fast charger which reduces the time it takes to charge your device and prevents its overheating. The battery usage monitor is graphic and extremely simple.

If you are searching for a battery doctor app which is really able to check and support the health of your battery, you’ve found it! This battery booster protects your device and guarantees the quick charge battery for Android.

Use this battery guru in case you need a battery life repair or want to have a battery notification. All information is clearly presented in form of battery indicator percentage.

Just try Mobi Battery Saver, and you’ll soon understand, this battery master never fails!

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    Oct 03, 2016
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