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The Description of Match20

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As time increases, the number tiles will increase row by row from the bottom.

Players only need to delete the numbered tiles that add up to 20 before they reach the top.

An Exciting Training for the Right Side of the Brain

Throughout the game, players can know the total through the number on the top left corner.

Tiles that have been selected will turn gray, if clicked on again the tiles will be unselected.

But it’s strongly recommended that you do mental math while playing to increase the fun!

The Top Face Off– Battle Mode

This game’s most difficult part is the battle mode. It’ll randomly select an opponent. During the battle,

tiles that have been deleted will fall on the opponent’s checkerboard to obstruct their attempt to delete.

When matched with a strong opponent, you’ll face simultaneous falling tiles and tiles that rise from below.

When sandwiched between tiles from both the top and bottom, you can easily lose in seconds.

When you fail to win, it’ll make you want to try even harder to succeed!

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  • Version:1.2
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    Aug 27, 2015
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