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The Description of Master Plumber

As a Master Plumber your job is to get the water from point. A to point B. This game lets you race against the clock in Timed Mode. Or, you can take your time in Moves Mode. Do you have what it takes to be a Master Plumber?

I have worked most of the kinks out but I am still doing some testing and adding features. So I will be updating often. Please check for and download updates. Also please report bugs, rate the game, and share comments. The more feedback I get the faster I can improve the game.


Force close issues. Have not received a force close report in a week now so I assume I’ve handled them all. Please report any new errors if they come.

Updated the rules page to reflect changes from last time.

Added time, moves, and score bonuses to make the game more interesting.

Coming Soon:

1. Level completion animation

2. Score/Time/Moves bonuses and penalties

3. Additional game modes.


  • Version:1.2.4
  • Publish Date:
    Jan 28, 2014
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