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The Description of Marbel Train Station - World Tour

Marbel Train is a simulation game, how to take the train. This simulation is intended specifically for children. They will be introduced like where I buy train tickets, how to pay, how to recognize up to train properly. In this game, children will be invited to use their imagination.

Hurry and go to the station before you’re late! The first thing to do is buy a ticket. Look for ticket vending machines, and then select your the destination. Make sure you enter the number of tickets to be purchased properly. Then pay according to the price of the ticket. Train tickets already purchased, should be kept well. Without a ticket, you will not be able to get into the waiting room and could not go up to the Railways.

1. Simulation buy tickets at ticket vending machines

2. Simulation choose a route of travel

3. Simulation pay for tickets already purchased

4. Simulation entrance to the station platform correctly

5. Simulation ride Railways

6. Simulation and travel fun

7. There are three exciting mini games: cleaning the toilet training, train and care for the train damaged fixing.

8. Character Marbel & Friends cute.

Marbel & Friends is a special game for children ages 6 s / d 12 years. Different from Marbel series which is an application for learning, Marbel & Friends is more inclined to the game. But of course, this game is designed specifically for kids and still contain elements of learning. For example sasa about a variety of professions through simulation games, learn to love animals passing game keeping animals, learn to hone creativity passing game with the theme of engineering and many more.

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# Twitter: @educastudio

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For mothers who like to accompany the children to play, there is no harm in trying the application Marbel. Children do not just get pleasure in playing, but also useful knowledge. Learning while playing .. ?? Why not?? Let us accompany the children to learn together Marbel .. 🙂

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