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Rainbow Noodle (Mie Pelangi), healthy noodle, organic noodle without chemical ingredients. It is made from fresh vegetables. The taste is delicious as well as ramen, udon, or samyang noodle.

Let’s learn cooking noodle. Make your own rainbow noodle! You got green noodle, yellow noodle, purple noodle, and rainbow noodle! Yellow noodle is made from carrot. Green noodle is made from spinach, while purple noodle is made from Cilembu cassava. Mix it up and create your rainbow noodle.

Take all your ingredients, pour it in the mixer, add powder, water, and salt. Mill the dough and cut it into noodle. Take a piece of noodle and pour it into hot water. Add some soy sauce, meat, and vinegar.

Next one is decorating your rainbow noodle. You can add some side dish, such as meatball, tempe, tahu bulat, chips, satay, eggs, and many more. You can also use cute chopsticks.

Get customers as many as possible and get the coins. Using your coins to purchase cute decorations, such as table, chair, stall, floor, and many more.

1.Four organic noodles: Green noodle, yellow noodle, purple noodle, and rainbow noodle.

2.Organic ingredients from fresh vegetables (carrot, spinach, Cilembu cassava

3.Great seasonings: soy sauce, tomato ketchup, vinegar, salt, and meat.

4.6 toppings to make it more tasty, such as cheese, scallion, seaweed, etc.

5.13 side dish like meatball, tempe, tahu bulat (tofu), egg, satay, tempura, etc

6.Cute chopsticks

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